Thursday, 1 June 2017

Difference Between The Internet, The Web, The Deep Web, and The Dark Web

To discuss these things and figure out the Difference Between The Internet, The Web, The Deep Web, and The Dark Web, we will start with basics of Internet and Web. Because most people confuse between the deep web and the dark web and how they’re different.

Internet: The internet is the physical connection of all the computers that are joined together across the world, it started off with ARPANET in the late 60s which was research agencies getting together to connect their computers from a long distance and this is when computers were huge things in massive rooms and then that graduated to the NSFNET, which was the National Science Foundation net which was all the universities connecting together into a, kind of bigger network and in the start of the 90s it became the internet, where they connected more broadly to commercial networks as well as research networks.

Web: The web is the software that runs on the physical internet, that is a way of sharing information across all those different computers. The web is just one type of software on the internet other types of software include email exchange (SMTP), file transfer protocols (FTP), where we can send files to other computers, so it’s just a type of software that runs on the physical internet.

How do you view the web?

We have web browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox and they just know how to talk to the web to ask for pages and to get things. There’s two key bits of the web which make it work, the first one is URLs- Uniform Resource Locators and the second one is an HTTP Server (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Server) or a Web Server and this server runs on those physical computers that stores information in the form of pages and data and they send it to the person who is looking for this using URLs.

Deep Web: This is a part of web we are not allowed to see or google is not allowed to see or can’t find or hasn’t found, in easiest way we can say Deep Web is a huge portion of the web which google doesn’t have access.

Secrets of The Deep Dark Web:

There are four examples that makes Deep Web different from the Webà

·         Any place that we go we must type in the passwords (stuff behind passwords) kind of Bank Information, profile pages on Amazon etc. but the main page of Facebook and Amazon are on the surface web that the google can see.
·         Dynamic Content: Content which gets generated based on what you do or where you are i.e. Facebook feed which is always changing.
·         Robot Exclusion Standard: Most website have a file which is robots.txt on the server and that says to google or other search engines, you can look at those pages but don’t look at these pages and Google simply just doesn’t index them.
·         Nobody’s Ever Link:  It has never been found as this google spiders have never followed a link to find it. (95% of the web is Deep Web)

Dark Web: Dark Web is just the web but built differently and there are several dark webs, they sit on the internet and overlay the same internet like the web does. They just talk different languages, they have secret handshakes and they encrypt things in different ways. A good example of a Dark Web is Tor which is the “Onion” - where you go to .onion pages rather than .com pages, it’s just different language, different codes and the way you asked for a page is differently so ever. Other examples of Dark Web are .rdos, .lll, .clos etc.

·         It protects you and anonymity by encrypting everything and lots of layers sending in an unusual route.

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