Thursday, 24 August 2017

Bug in – Allowed me to buy a 12000 ₹ phone at 6594 ₹ only. 😊

Recently I thought of buying a new phone and my budget was around 10K – 15K ₹. I searched Amazon, Flipkart and many other ecommerce websites for a good deal. As you all know now-a-days for most of the phones we are getting exchange offers, for e.g. If you are having an old phone and want to buy a new phone, if you return your old phone to them, you will get some discount and the discount is varying based on your old phone model.

I thought of testing amazon for any loop hole in the implementation of exchange offer’s logic. After sending few request’s I have observed something interesting (one hidden parameter which I was getting in the server response), I was not able to understand it’s use and logic behind its implementation and then I thought of playing with this and I got something interesting it was showing me almost half price of its actual price.

Then I tried this with few other phones and observed that allowing me to buy phones without exchanging any phone with the maximum discount they are offering on phones with exchange offer to others. Then I thought of buying any Low-priced phone to test this and placed an order for Lenovo Z2 Plus, 4GB DDR4 Ram, 64 GB internal storage variant at 6594 ₹ only, which they are selling at 11999 ₹. 😊
I reported this to Amazon and they fixed it.


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