Saturday, 2 September 2017

Logical Bug in Paytm – They are not considering Gmail way of working. I recharged phone with approx. 3000₹ by paying just 600₹. 😊 (The irony is Paytm says this is an intended functionality)


·        You may be knowing that Google consider,,, ………..  and so on as single and same email ID. And Paytm consider them different.

·        Few months back Paytm was offering Three 50₹ recharge with Three 10₹ coupon to each of its new user from Grabon.

·        Paytm was considering us as the genuine user if you have either verified mobile no. or verified email ID (not both).

·        Pyatm was allowing us to recharge same mobile number (n number of times) from different Paytm accounts for this offer as well.

What I did?

·        I bought three coupons from Grabon for 30₹.

·        Recharged mobile no. by 150₹ (50₹ each coupon).

·        Then registered few more accounts on Paytm with same email ID (by placing “.” at different places in the username) and random mobile no.

·        This time I bought 57 more coupons for 570₹ from Grabon, and recharged mobile with 2850₹.

I reported this Issue to Paytm, and I agree this is not a security issue but this can be considered as a logical bug. But I totally disagree with Paytm’s argument. (either I was not able to explain to them, or they were not able to understand.) 😬

Here is my conversation with Paytmà

🤔🤔h   How it can be an intended functionality? 


They were saying that “this is an intended functionality”, but now they have mitigated this issue and asking to verify phone number, now email id is optional.

Why they have mitigated this? if this is an intended functionality.


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